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ایڈیٹوریل بورڈ
محمد سعید
ارشد فاروق

اسسٹنٹ ایڈیٹرز
کاشف سلیم
سعد رمضان
عمر بٹ

سب ایڈیٹرز
محمد آصف قادری، واہ کینٹ
حافظ امیر حمزہ، سانگلہ ہل
امداد اللہ طیب
سیف اللہ صدیقی

  • Arshad Farooq

    Arshad Farooq

    Arshad Farooq is a feature writer, blogger and SEO Expert. He is one of the editors of Sahiwal News. Email : arshadfarooq@live.com Phone#+923008253012
  • Kashif Saleem

    Kashif Saleem

    Kashif Saleem is a reporter for Sahiwal News. He is an educationist and has also worked as a columnist for The News. He covers education and features for Sahiwal News. Email : kashifsaleem@sahiwalnews.com.pk Phone: +923336908479
  • Saad Ramzan

    Saad Ramzan

    Saad Ramzan is a Chief Digital Strategist & Editor in Sahiwal News. After graduating from the Punjab University, Saad got an internship at a local newspaper and worked as a beat reporter and editor. Recently he became the part of Sahiwal News. Email : saadramzan@sahiwalnews.com.pk Phone: +923058283346
  • Umer Butt

    Umer Butt

    Umer Butt is a seasoned journalist from 3 years. He did masters in Journalism from GC University Faisalabad, Pakistan. Umer writes everything, from analysis to TV shows, Movies, and Events News. You can get in touch with him at throgh this email. Email : chichawatninewsurdu@gmail.com